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Giant Raindrop Cake: Behind Tasty

  • Published on: 05 August 2018
  • Get the recipe! - http://tasty.co/recipe/giant-raindrop-cake

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    Credits: http://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/61021

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  • Runtime : 13:41
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  • Elisa Acevedo
    Elisa Acevedo   1 hours ago

    Make the cake in layers next time with the flowers on the first layer so the stay on the bottom

  • Kaori
    Kaori   2 hours ago

    her personality is so adorable

  • Sherelle
    Sherelle   2 hours ago

    I love these behind the scene videos!! And Alix is so entertaining to watch.

  • Roman Zolanski
    Roman Zolanski   5 hours ago

    She’s so funny she reminds me of my big sister i fucking love this bitchhhh

  • Grace Yi
    Grace Yi   6 hours ago

    ok, there is NOTHING wrong with being curvy but im sick of all these comments about her being a "bigger version" of like a model or celebrity. SHES SO SLIM THIC LIKE DO U SEE HER WAIST?! check your standards, society.

  • foosonic
    foosonic   6 hours ago

    She looks like ronda rousey

  • Yanacha R.
    Yanacha R.   9 hours ago

    02:26 omg the girl that stand next to her look like the main girl character in “ratatouille”!! Exactly~ 😂❤️

  • Top Lyric
    Top Lyric   10 hours ago

    A chef don't play they work okkk so stop the nonsense

  • MadCapMonster
    MadCapMonster   11 hours ago

    Sorry, I was distracted by her amazing body, what did she cook again?

  • Ak47
    Ak47   11 hours ago

    I’m watching tasty videos just to see this beautiful girl who is weirdly cheerful all the time and it weirdly makes me smile watching her cook. Alex/alix whatever the spelling is.. you’re my spirit animal. Human. Whatever. 🤷🏻‍♀️♥️

  • Arfath Khan
    Arfath Khan   11 hours ago

    U are really having a lot of patience after 2 attempts i would have throw it and forget about making but u tried it 10 time lovely hatts of girl.

  • Nilay
    Nilay   18 hours ago

    Wow women that are not even good in the kitchen? What is this

  • KNoesey
    KNoesey   23 hours ago

    Liking it because she got so happy. xD

  • JustK
    JustK   23 hours ago

    she looks like future riley from outdaughtered

  • Oni on
    Oni on   1 days ago

    13:41 omg did she just do that😂😂😂

  • Oni on
    Oni on   1 days ago

    Alix or Lael Hansen?

  • Johnny's Parrot
    Johnny's Parrot   1 days ago

    She really is a great example for:1. 'Try and try until you succeed'2. 'Keep moving forward'3. 'Never give up' LMAO

  • wendy
    wendy   1 days ago

    omg i love her

  • Zhaoxun Yan
    Zhaoxun Yan   1 days ago

    Agar agar 是琼脂还是藕粉呢?It seems like the raindrop cake is invented for competition - very hard to replicate so to maintain the superiority of the inventor's own shop. I seriously doubt the version you have is a popularized version meant to fool imitators.

  • Waged 11
    Waged 11   1 days ago

    Wow bravo 👏🏻 💕💕

  • Jasminemm
    Jasminemm   1 days ago

    I'm gonna say it... Alix is drop dead gorgeous 😍

  • Fatima Nadeem
    Fatima Nadeem   1 days ago

    I love alix soo much she's soo funny. Do more bts please

  • Penisher
    Penisher   1 days ago

    you look like a thicc version of emilia clarke

  • hayley lim
    hayley lim   1 days ago

    As a chinese a lot of people pronounce it aga aga nor agar agar its like a silent R hope it helps to make people understand and how you say it is ok but like it sounds like sagar sagar

  • Kk
    Kk   1 days ago

    Awwww, she’s so bubbly and gorgeous!!