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Huskies Trying Dog Shoes for the First Time! (Funny Dogs)

  • Published on: 07 August 2018
  • Huskies Trying Dog Shoes for the First Time! At first they act funny but the they don't mind the shoes at all.

    Booster Dog Bath -
  • Runtime : 10:8
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  • RuaWaterwalker
    RuaWaterwalker   2 hours ago

    that is just too funny, I've thought of getting my some, too funny

  • Clayton Young
    Clayton Young   7 hours ago

    I call them running shoes. My mini schnauzer turns turbo when she puts them on and runs everywhere.

  • Alisha Smile
    Alisha Smile   9 hours ago

    Ok. He was like what in the world is going on? I love the dance moves.

  • Zack Zander
    Zack Zander   10 hours ago

    He’a learning faster than other dogs I know

  • Jimmy Hernandez
    Jimmy Hernandez   13 hours ago

    I wouldn't do this to my dog, it would eliminate his ability to defend himself in an emergency.

  • DOHC2L
    DOHC2L   15 hours ago

    What about shoes for cats? LOL J/K

  • DOHC2L
    DOHC2L   15 hours ago

    Nice yard. Nice dogs. Nice video. Thumbs up.

  • Alex Bandit
    Alex Bandit   17 hours ago

    OMG~😍😍Very Very Cute ❤️😍

  • kepper pepper
    kepper pepper   21 hours ago

    I see Luke's eyes blink let's see what happens.

  • ZRuiiN _
    ZRuiiN _   21 hours ago

    The way he walks looks like he has a rash 😂😂😂

  • andrea 47
    andrea 47   22 hours ago

    Why does Luke get the special dope shoes lol

  • Chibi Potato
    Chibi Potato   1 days ago

    If my dog gets one then he’ll bite it to pieces

  • moien haider
    moien haider   1 days ago

    Dog yeezeys -Kanye West Lil pump snooop doooooog

  • slicaltimistical1
    slicaltimistical1   1 days ago

    Heyyy. And Air Jordan sneakers for dogs. Now this I got to see.

  • Laberinto Azul
    Laberinto Azul   1 days ago

    Poor Luke has been humiliated on line. Specially in the one with the dog dryer bag , he looked so annoyed .Very Lovely dog.

  • MrStraightGrizzly
    MrStraightGrizzly   1 days ago

    My husky has that exact patch of rough skin on his elbow, too. I guess it's just the way they lie on it directly when spread across the ground?

  • Lance C.
    Lance C.   1 days ago

    The dogs are styling on the streets.

  • Adam Vesely
    Adam Vesely   1 days ago

    I love dogs with shoes! Man, great for pavement/rocks. And horns! Dogs should wear horns.