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We Dressed According To Florida High School Dress Codes • Ladylike

  • Published on: 06 October 2018
  • "I think shoulders are very naughty and need to be taught a lesson."

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  • Runtime : 16:7
  • Ladylike high school Florida dress code codes clothing wardrobe rules test experiment game assessment outfits fashion style appropriate inappropriate policy punishment violator


  • Ivoire Punk
    Ivoire Punk   15 minuts ago

    Our school didn't have the yellow shirt, they just gave us oversized gym clothes when we violated.

  • I'm Not So Creative
    I'm Not So Creative   32 minuts ago

    Texas. I wanna see how much cover you need to have in a place as hot as tgat

  • Lilli Johnson
    Lilli Johnson   34 minuts ago

    you guys need to do the Ohio dress codes specifically West Milton

  • Lærke Libori
    Lærke Libori   44 minuts ago

    i feel like an episode like this, but where you bring the clothes in your wardrobe you think should be school apropriate

  • Rue nixx
    Rue nixx   45 minuts ago

    Do religious schools lol

  • Angie Landrum
    Angie Landrum   55 minuts ago

    I'm mean srsly with the shoulders I highly doubt that any boys are gonna be over sitting there like, "dang look at those shoulderssssss"

  • Ace is LONELY
    Ace is LONELY   1 hours ago

    I go to oakleaf and I break dresscode and never get dresscoded, this video was awesome

  • Annika Wiebe
    Annika Wiebe   1 hours ago

    As a crop top lover in Utah just wear a jacket over it in the hallway and don't make eye contact with teachers and ur Gucci

  • Baisou
    Baisou   1 hours ago

    Meanwhile in Brandon: In the crowd you watch as bandanas, caps, hair wraps, beanies and durags are snatched away one by one... so long, farewell... oh and there are no dress codes for the teachers smh...

  • Hipster Batman
    Hipster Batman   2 hours ago

    As a senior at Ida baker they’ve relaxed on a lot of these rules with the jewelry and the shoulders

  • Queen_Curlygrl 88
    Queen_Curlygrl 88   2 hours ago

    Sooooooo happy my school's dress code was nowhere near this strict (IL)

  • Leslie Dunmire
    Leslie Dunmire   2 hours ago

    Arkansas. At my school you had to wear pants that went to the knee🙃🙃

  • Nikki Laureano
    Nikki Laureano   2 hours ago

    DO NYC !! there dress codes don’t care and thing

  • Xiani Moon
    Xiani Moon   2 hours ago

    I live in germany and we don't even have dress codes for our public schools. I guess being naked or just in underwear would be prohibited, but I can wear booty shorts and crop-tops all I want.

  • KayLynne Mattingly
    KayLynne Mattingly   2 hours ago

    You should do Idaho it’s so different but kind of the same ya know

  • AmyaPlayz
    AmyaPlayz   2 hours ago

    Why does no one watches ladylike anymore

  • Sarah Ivey
    Sarah Ivey   3 hours ago

    ohio isn’t really dress coded, at least where i go to school the dress code is pretty standard

  • aeshetic rat
    aeshetic rat   3 hours ago

    So at my (old) school, the teachers didn’t care what u wore they would kinda let u get by the dress code but all the other staff were strict asf. So whenever I got off my bus, there was always a cluster of staff standing right there at the entrance of the school dress coding kids. Sometimes I got away with it but most of the time I got dresscoded and had to wear my nasty gym clothes all day. So what I did was everyday, I brought baggy clothing that I could just put on before I left the house or on the bus that would just slide over my dress coded clothes and I could wear whatever I wanted without being dresscoded :)

  • froggy arts
    froggy arts   7 hours ago

    i live in florida and in fact the same city/county as west shore and all of the schools have the same code but a lot give leway. especially palm bay high, its relatively easy to get away with dress code violations.

  • BayLee Simmons
    BayLee Simmons   8 hours ago

    DO UTAH!!!! Talk about conservative assholes, hit up the state with judgement just walking down the street in a tank top or short shorts.